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What Color Wood on Doors Look Good Together?

What Color Wood on Doors Look Good Together?

Choosing the right wooden doors | granentry color is a crucial decision for your home. Adding a bold pop of paint or a natural wood stain can elevate your entry door and enhance your home’s exterior design.

Painting offers a wider range of colors and a more predictable color outcome than stain. With stain, the color varies by wood species and door cut.


Black doors look beautiful when paired with a variety of trim colors. White trim is the most common color, but brown and gray trims also work well.

When it comes to wall paint, most green shades don’t look good with black doors, except for pale options like this sea salt wall by Sherwin Williams. This neutral color has plenty of warmth to balance the dark hue of your doors, while adding a fresh ambient.

If you want to add a bit of contrast to your black doors, choose shiny hardware like this satin nickel. Its lustrous finish makes the door knobs and hinges stand out beautifully against the dark backdrop of your home. The unique color also hides dirt and marks better than light-colored hardware does.


Green is a popular choice for doors because it evokes many positive feelings and emotions, including growth and freshness. It can be a striking accent to a bright or neutral home, and it looks good with almost any wood color.

Lighter shades like mint or sage complement houses with white siding and trim. Olive or moss greens work well with brown-toned homes, while darker emerald and forest hues can stand out boldly against brick or stone.

Green shades look particularly vibrant when they contrast with dark colors like black or blue. For example, a dark blue front door would highlight the rich tones in earthy-toned stone siding, while a dark green door could stand out against red brick. Try hues like Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore or Farrow & Ball’s Hague Blue for a dramatic effect.


Choosing the right color for your doors and floors can be challenging. However, the good news is that you don’t have to get them exactly the same color to look beautiful together. Adding other decor items that are the same color as your floors or door can help tie them together.

A popular choice is a light or medium gray front door. It gives a nice contrast to the light colors of your home and also looks great with the landscaping and metal finishes of your porch.

Another good option is a natural wood color. There are many shades of brown that work well with gray walls, from a rich coffee brown to a lighter maple or walnut. Yellow is a vibrant color that can also look good with gray walls, depending on the shade.


Yellow is a bright color that can add a lot of character to your home. Whether it’s a vibrant or muted shade, yellow front doors can be a fun way to draw attention to your home.

Green front doors are another great option for yellow houses. You can choose from warm or cool green shades to match your house, or you can go for a sage green that will give your home a natural look.

Purple front doors also work well with yellow houses. The bold color provides a colorful contrast to the yellow exterior of your home. You can also try a lavender shade that is lighter and more subtle.


Blue works with nearly any wood shade, and it’s a great color for a door that helps the house stand out from the neighborhood. If you have a dark blue house, go with a darker front door to create a contrast that’s eye-catching but still serene and relaxing. Lighter blue tones like mossy green, cool blue-grey, and seafoam green complement natural wood-toned homes.

Black is another safe option, especially if your home has white or other light-colored siding. This color looks fantastic on Craftsman/bungalow-style houses and also pops well against most natural wood, brick, or stone exteriors.

Yellow adds a cheery pop to your door and can brighten up the whole facade of your home. It’s connected to the earth element in feng shui, which promotes growth and new beginnings.

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